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Rules for sailing on the river Kongeå

  • You may sail on the river Kongeå from 15 May to 31 December.
  • You may sail on the river from sunrise to sunset.
  • You may only go ashore on private land with the owner's agreement.
  • You may only sail against the stream on the stretch west of Jedsted Mølle (Jedsted Mill).
  • Take care of the animal and plant life along the river.
  • Do not harm the river bed and the embankments.
  • Never sail into the reedbeds.
  • Avoid noisy behaviour.
  • It is forbidden to sail with canoes tied together.
  • Do not throw rubbish into the nature. 
Any institutions, associations and clubs in Esbjerg, Varde, Vejen and Billund Municipalities need both sides of the outside of their canoes to be clearly marked with the institution's name and place of registered office. Institution vessels must be registered and they must not be leased.