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Before you set off

The Kongeå Path is a primitive footpath, which is clearly marked with posts to enable you to find your way easily. The total length of the path is 67 km, but we have divided it into smaller stretches.

The path runs along the river, in meadows and on dirt roads and in a few places on tarmac. In most places, the path crosses private land and we have promised the landowners that dogs will not be allowed along because of grazing animals and game.

We ask you kindly to:

- only access the path on foot
- follow the red-topped posts when walking in fields
- show respect for the grazing animals and not bring your dog
- dispose of any rubbish in rubbish bins only
- rest and stay overnight at designated places only
- accept that certain stretches can be very wet in the autumn and winter months

Folder om Kongeåstien