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Lokes Høje (Lokes Burial Mounds)

One kilometre south of the Kongeå river by Frihedsbroen, and just east of the point where Frihedsvej and Københovedvej meet, a small burial mound sign indicates the way over the large field. Here you can hike up to a well-preserved collection of four burial mounds from the Bronze Age, 1800-1000 BC.

Turf had been laid over the burial mouds equivalent to several football - it is assumed that only the most powerful citizens were given such a fine funeral. Today 10-15,000 burial mounds have been preserved on a nationwide level, while it is estimated that there were originally 50 to 60,000. There is a fine view of Kongeådalen  (Kongeå Valley). For unknown reasons, the burial mounds today have the name' Lokes Høje'.